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Cynthia Long-Pace

Panda was my 1st rescue on September 23, 2016. She was barely a pound, dehydrated and emaciated.

Her life mattered to so many. Her life was saved. 

In May of 2017, I took in a momma cat and her 5 babies that were born in a neighbor's garage.

All the babies found homes and Momma has become a permanent part of our family.

I started fostering regularly in April 2018, shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I took in a set of 6 five week old orange kittens the day after my 1st chemo treatment. Taking care of "The Cheeto Crew" was the best medicine for me! There was no time to feel sorry for myself...they needed me!

This passion growing inside of me has only strengthened over the last few few years.

I knew I wanted to do more. I knew I needed to do more!

The Sunshine Fund cat rescue was born in order to save as many kitty lives as possible.

I truly love all of the cats and kittens that come through my home because their lives matter!

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